We’ve evolved. Introducing your new/old partner GENUINE CO.

After 9+ years of a growing business, W45 has evolved its service and style under a new name that appropriately fits the brand results, our mission and the people we work with.

Food & Beverage

W45 has been a master brander for food and beverage companies for a decade having transformed and created some of the fastest moving brands in the industry. Timely development and targeted strategy pave the way for early sales and consumer buy-in.

Small Business

For years, Workhorse 45 has focused on small business and entertainment brands in a way that few others can. Using decades of expertise, we adapted our practice for creativity with speed which generates the best outcomes within reasonable budgets.

Your Story. Your Success.

We’ve seen oodles of products and brands created in the style that serves the agency, not the brand. We focus on your truth, your story and then create to serve your goals for your success, not our own ego or portfolio.

If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s talk.