Just you Shane, you say? Yep, just me. I flex and add as necessary to handle challenges professionally, efficiently, and effectively.

Shane George

President & Creative Director + Brand Maker
Most call me a workhorse–maybe it’s from my relentless drive for the big picture down to the smallest perfections. I think it’s also because as a unique creative I’m geared to craft things from concept to creation, to production (I love getting my hands dirty).

For years I’ve created award-winning art, copy and installation solutions for many, including a “who’s who” list in sports, consumer products, food and beverage, tech and more. My passion is to not only communicate clearly but add a heartbeat, depth and memorable experience to each brand that logic just can’t reach.

I’ve developed an unbeatable toolbox of skills through various work, sports coaching and even my own branding agency finishing at seven years. In the end, I’m a renaissance man–a former All-State football player, wrestler, catcher, black belt, ballet dancer, front man for a bar band, and now husband and father of four. I believe in eyes-wide-open optimism, putting your heart in everything you do and showing the determination and grit to make it happen.

ACC Intern

Graphic Design Intern
Each semester we seat a vetted student from ACC to gain great one-on-one experience. We appreciate the great work the school is doing and simply want to help.

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