This is the big one. A brand is a promise. It’s the feeling, voice and character of who you are and what others can and should expect. We can help craft or change your brand to ensure you’re always on target and fulfilling that promise.


Typically just “the talk”, but at Workhorse we also guarantee “the walk”. Whether it’s through traditional Public Relations channels or something a bit more creative, we’ve not only got the answer, but a detailed plan for execution.


Whew, another big one. Every great brand has a game plan. It starts with knowing your consumer… who are you talking to? From there, do you know how and where to have the conversation? Think of it like a playbook. Let us help you strategically build an individualized business plan to take your brand to a whole new level. Whoever said defense wins championships wasn’t lying.


There’s much more to this than English 101. Quality copy matches the brand tone, it’s straight to the point and makes someone think or take action.


We’re an award-winning company! We strategize, design and build many sites every year. Don’t pay for a standard site, a mobile site and an app! Get them all in one with our signature process. We’ll even hand over the keys and walk you through the simple platform so you can control it yourself.


This is the backbone for much of what we do. We don’t design to fill a need in our portfolio or to try some cool new style. We’re proud everything we do is designed to get noticed, create a unique voice and raise revenue for our clients. We’ve designed logos and uniforms for professional sports teams, ads and collateral for national brands, and even have a knack for designing in-store displays and promotional materials.


Don’t just play with Facebook & Twitter! We can help you develop and/or execute a plan to get big results. We’ve developed and managed some pretty high-profile accounts and are always on the cutting edge of what’s next for these platforms… Don’t you worry about facebook’s next update, we’ve got it covered.


We have some great talent among us and can create some fantastic motion pieces. We also happen to share our office with some bigger talent if needed. Just speak up.


If you have something you want to accomplish, give us a call. If it sounds like an interesting fit, we’ll give you an hour of our time to give us more detail. Then we’ll come back with a few thoughts, costs and a plan to knock it out of the park.

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