Research is done to fully understand the scope and potential impact of project. It’s documented to identify the target market, region, competition and overall character. This is used to guide each future step. A complete project schedule usually finalizes this step.


We brainstorm and develop the project “big picture” and what that may look like visually. Sketches usually come forward in this step. Pencil and paper leave no restraints on the imagination the way the computer does. This allows for more “why” instead of “how.”


Ideas are finalized and presented to client for feedback on direction. Several rounds of changes may be made until this step funnels down to 1, complete, concrete idea.


This is where the name “Workhorse” is fully understood. Each portion is finished with skill and technical efficiency. Our files proceed to vendors, printers, digital sources in exact formats and are usually touted as industry showpieces. This scrutiny shows well on the client and sometimes results in lower future production costs and happier vendors.

Basic Beliefs

  • No idea is left behind. Some of the best ideas have been retrieved from the recycle box to become the solution.

  • The computer does not make a person creative. A creative person makes the computer a great tool.

  • Clients should always be able to talk with someone who can talk to them! Not a project manager’s voice mail who has to listen, then talk to creative, who has to talk to production, etc… blah. Eliminate the middle-mess and you get a clear, concise process.

  • Be of your word! Complete the project on time, complete the project on budget, and do all of this with a sincere smile and handshake.

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