General Store 45, Generally Great

Apr 1, 2016

W45 had high hopes for General Store 45 when it launched. The growth was slow and strategic, but now, after it’s first fiscal year, the future is bright. Sales and happy faces mean more introductions to our client’s terrific products and a working classroom for the W45 staff.

Yai’s Thai, Oh My

Dec 2, 2015

A delicious Thai family recipe has added a much-needed twist to everyday salsa, relish, and hot sauce offerings. And Yai’s selected the W45 team to give a fantastic product a fantastic-er look and appeal through art & copy. World… you’re welcome!

MOCU is More Better

Oct 15, 2015

TRAC Health tapped the team to rename, rebrand and re-launch their amazing add-to-water brand, which includes the world’s first live powdered kombucha. The fresh, bold name and look is all about transformation. One try and you’ll want to transform from your usual drink, too!

Life Is SaltiSweet!

Nov 20, 2014

Who should happen to walk in, our neighbor from down the street, but SaltiSweet! This incredible treat is hand rolled with Boulder Organic Ice Cream and dipped in chocolate and tasty toppings. The best part? It has a pretzel stick at the center! We’re working on their website after completing a line of fresh packaging ...

Who-shu? Yooshu!

Oct 20, 2014

We think we’ve found the perfect fit (and you may, too) with our new client, Yooshu. These innovative shoes fit to your foot with a special scan and mill technique. We’ll be working on their new website and will be perfecting customized stamps for the bottom. Excited to leave our mark on their mark!

Oh Hey, uvé!

Oct 13, 2014

A fun and fruity drink that makes you feel fit and fantastic? That’s uvé! These calorie-free and all-natural drinks use African mango seed extract to help boost your metabolism while you enjoy. We’ve signed on to refresh their messaging, help with social and a web site.

The Store Is Open!

Oct 13, 2014

To take the most advantage of our main street location and to give our clients a taste of a target market in our front room, we’ve officially opened the Workhorse 45 General Store! Educating our neighbors about our products (and supplying some well needed 911 snacking) will help connect us to the community and give ...

Being A Beast At Expo East

Sep 12, 2014

The Workhorse team was so excited to support our incredible brands featured at Expo East – Way Better Snacks, Angelic Bakehouse and ALO Drink, to name a few! Though previous years have tried to corner Expo East as the lesser expo to its Western cousin, we learned that this year was the largest event yet, ...

Matt is Where It’s At

Aug 19, 2014

From the wild winters of Minnesota comes Matt Farleo, our new SEO specialist and web designer. His gung-ho attitude and love of both illustration and hard coding will make him an awesome asset to the team. But, guard your energy drinks–his seem to appear out of thin air.

Iowa-tta Great New Member of Our Team

Aug 10, 2014

We are so pumped to welcome our newest member to the team, Kaitlyn O’Toole! Another missy from the Midwest, this Iowa State grad has joined the design team to add her fun flair to our projects and clients. She’s one of those people whose laugh says a lot about them, and we can’t wait to ...

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