A Little Background…

Workhorse 45 officially opened the doors July, 2010. But the principals that guide our business were established the first time a client was given a bloated project estimate, higher than expected final bill or was assigned to a project manager more worried about lunch than results.

After years of work in the trenches, Shane George, Owner & Creative Director, saw the need for a company that can offer big-agency talent and handshake-service with an honest price tag; lean and mean is the key. Businesses needed a real partner. Sometimes a company has great potential but only a modest budget. They need an advocate to identify the essential stuff and move forward efficiently. Shane’s vision was to make Workhorse 45 flexible and scalable to fit every project need. Whether it’s an effort that requires only one team member’s time and talent, or an initiative that requires many disciplined pros. Workhorse 45 keeps the project costs to a minimum. We never include the “shop overhead” on a bill. Only what time and talent the client needs.

Workhorse 45 specializes in meeting or exceeding deadlines, while providing fair, up front, simple flat-fee pricing. Our clients know they won’t exceed the deadline or budget and always receive the best ideas, art and execution possible. Nothing kills the creative process faster than the sound of an expensive ticking clock. The client’s brand, the creative and process is king with Workhorse 45.

What’s in a Name?

We are often asked what our name stands for. The “workhorse” portion is pretty straight forward and understood. The workhorse is the farmer who spends countless hours in the field, humbly, to feed a nation; the 3rd shift factory worker who fills in on 2nd or 1st because they can be trusted; the tough running back from the days of old who carried the ball 30 times per game, but mostly when the game was on the line.

Lessor known is the “45.” Our number has many inspiration points. It was the old sports number of our owner/creative director back in the glory days (Bruce shout out) and Rudy’s football number of Notre Dame fame who was an all-heart, never-give-up underdog. We are also inspired by the old style work unions (ie. local 45) who helped provide the backbone of our country in the 20th century. But, the 45 also comes from construction. A ”45″ is exactly one half of the “right” angle. The 45 degree angle is strong. And we know that the right angle to any project takes great cooperation with the client to understand the aim and goals. So, 45 + 45 is the right way.

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